KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre and the Northern AiR network are producing an open call for the Oulu2026 program, the theme of which is landscape and environment. The goal is a cultural climate where we see the effects of man on his environment, but also the possibilities for peaceful coexistence – also among species.

The focus of the program is working in an environmental residency. Artists and researchers whose work is related to nature, landscape or the environment are invited and selected for the environmental residency. In particular, artists, researchers and creators are selected for the residency, who deal with solastalgia, i.e. sadness for a place, in their work. Placesickness means anxiety caused by a change in the familiar environment. Environmental anxiety and environmental sadness is often a consequence of climate change, but it can also be understood more broadly as place-related anxiety produced by, for example, war or refugees.

The Oulu2026 residency application will be opened continuously from spring 2024 and works will be produced through it for the years 2025-2026. Applications are reviewed every six months and artists are selected for the program on the basis of the projects’ professionalism, feasibility and suitability for the program.

The goal of the Oulu2026 residency program is to create a high-level and environmentally themed series of works for the 2026 program in the region. At the same time, the activity deepens and expands the cooperation of residence operators in the region and strengthens the operators’ international potential. The works are basically implemented in the operating locations of the Northern AiR network: Iissä, Hailuodo, Kärsämäki, Oululainen, Kuusamo, Raahe and elsewhere in the residency network’s operating area. The flagship productions of 2026 will be realized in carefully selected experiential environments.

Northern AiR järjestää yhteistyössä Oulu2026 TechArt -hankkeen kanssa Hybridize My Festival/Residence? -tapahtuman (Oulu Lapland Hotel) 22.4.2022 klo 10.00–15.00. Kansainvälisessä ajankohtaisseminaarissa eurooppalaiset asiantuntijat esittelevät sitä, mitä siirtyminen hybriditapahtumiin on muuttanut festivaalien, residenssien ja kulttuurikentän työtä ja miten tästä eteenpäin. Mitkä digitaaliset tapahtumat ja etäratkaisut toimivat, mitkä eivät?

Ilmoittautuminen (avoinna 13.4. saakka) ja alustava ohjelma:



The new residence centre Kuusamo ARK welcomes applications: https://www.kuusamo-ark.fi/en
The newly established residence at Kuusamo College is a central part of the Kripa-project. A variety of residency programs available, residency visits (1-3 months) applicable through a continuous open call.

The world might not return to as we have known it, but there are plenty of open calls to residencies around the globe:
Res Artis open calls


The first Northern AiR podcast in Finnish from the residence in Hailuoto Kulttuuritalo Päiväkoti with Sanna Roukala.


The Northern AiR podcasts cover residency activities from various viewpoints. The first one in English will be conducted in August.

This page will house all podcasts. Jaksot löytyvät myös aina Soundcloudista.

The KRIPA project builds an international artist residence innovative network, which aims to pool the resources of the residences and resources in our region of Northern Ostrobothnia. The network is called Northern AiR. One of the objectives is to conduct pilot projects in the region. Further information and instructions available in Finnish here.

If you are interested in the specifics in English, please contact:
Project Manager Kai Latvalehto,


The Northern AiR residency 101 seminar was held March 26.
All material and recordings below are in Finnish.

10.00 Presentation of the Kripa project and the Northern Air network. Kai Latvalehto.
10.15  Awareness short film and greetings. Arttu Nieminen.
10.25 Part 2, residency activities 101:
Panel discussion with Pauliina Leikas, Jetta Huttunen and Riikka Suomi-Chande. Moderated by Kai Latvalehto.
Riitta Heinämaa presented her report on Finnish residencies, Suomalainen residenssitoiminta tänään.
13.00 Mural artist Tony Sjöman, New York.
13.10 Part 3: economical issues in residencies 102. Moderated by Sanna Roukala. Pauliina Leikas, Jetta Huttunen, Kaisa Kerätär ja Riikka Suomi-Chande.
14.40 Rastas & Länsimetro-tytöt. Live music.

The Northern AiR seminar was streamed live from Oulu Space Studio.

The participants were Pauliina Leikas representing the Mustarinda residency, Riikka Suomi-Chande from the Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation, Jetta Huttunen from Ii KulttuuriKauppila, Sanna Roukala from Hailuoto Kulttuuritalo Päiväkoti, Northern AiR/Kripa project manager Kai Latvalehto, producer and creative arts agent Kaisa Kerätär and Riitta Heinämaa.

Kai Latvalehto
+358 40 5853717 / kai.latvalehto@ii.fi
Art Centre KulttuuriKauppila /
Kauppilantie 15, 91100 Ii, Finland

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