KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre and the Northern AiR network are producing an open call for the Oulu2026 program, the theme of which is landscape and environment. The goal is a cultural climate where we see the effects of man on his environment, but also the possibilities for peaceful coexistence – also among species.

The focus of the program is working in an environmental residency. Artists and researchers whose work is related to nature, landscape or the environment are invited and selected for the environmental residency. In particular, artists, researchers and creators are selected for the residency, who deal with solastalgia, i.e. sadness for a place, in their work. Placesickness means anxiety caused by a change in the familiar environment. Environmental anxiety and environmental sadness is often a consequence of climate change, but it can also be understood more broadly as place-related anxiety produced by, for example, war or refugees.

The Oulu2026 residency application will be opened continuously from spring 2024 and works will be produced through it for the years 2025-2026. Applications are reviewed every six months and artists are selected for the program on the basis of the projects’ professionalism, feasibility and suitability for the program.

The goal of the Oulu2026 residency program is to create a high-level and environmentally themed series of works for the 2026 program in the region. At the same time, the activity deepens and expands the cooperation of residence operators in the region and strengthens the operators’ international potential. The works are basically implemented in the operating locations of the Northern AiR network: Iissä, Hailuodo, Kärsämäki, Oululainen, Kuusamo, Raahe and elsewhere in the residency network’s operating area. The flagship productions of 2026 will be realized in carefully selected experiential environments.

OULU DANCE HACK is a unique opportunity to meet like-minded artists and technology specialists who are interested in creative risk-taking and collaborate in an easy-going and supportive atmosphere. Together we explore the relationship between dance and technology to kickstart the future of performance.

ODH23 takes place from 25th – 29th September in central Oulu. We are looking for artists from any background to participate.

ODH23 is a safe space for exploration. Participants will work in small groups to explore the provided technology within a performance context, guided by experienced mentors. The programme will result in an informal sharing of ideas on the final day, including a small invited audience. This year’s hack is focused on Artificial Intelligence and how it can be used in the creation of dance work.

The residency is free of charge. Oulu Dance Hack is a carbon neutral event and therefore TaikaBox will support participants’ slow travel, but cannot support air travel. Accommodation will be provided if required.

To apply, please email us with a letter that states why you want to take part in ODH23, a copy of your CV and any relevant links. Closing date is midnight on 18th June 2023.

Please send applications to: mail@taikabox.com For further information, please visit https://taikabox.com/hack/

Photo by Peetu Haipus

In the picture, the work by Timo Vaittinen for Solstice Festival 2022.

Kuusamo ARK is inviting an artist for a three-week residency in Ruka to create a site-specific piece of art for Solstice 2023, held during Midsummer.

Solstice Festival is a music and arts festival that focuses on diverse forms of dance music and art and is being held for the third time this Midsummer on June 22-24, 2023, in Ruka. The festival area is situated in a beautiful location on the peak of Ruka Fell. The carefully curated music program features international guests, domestic heroes, and rising talents spread across three stages. In 2023, Solstice will feature artists such as Gabrielle Kwarteng, Josey Rebelle, Young Marco, Wata Igarashi, and Lena Willikens. The entire artist lineup can be seen here.

Sustainability and environmental friendliness are at the core of Solstice Festival’s values in all aspects of production. The festival follows Ruka’s Responsibility Program and actively seeks to develop solutions to minimize environmental impact on its own.

Solstice works closely with The Most Sustainable European Capital of Culture project to develop an effective recycling model for waste generated during the festival. Efforts are made to develop reusable materials from waste that can be used in next year’s festival production and art program. Circular economy practices are implemented in production with the experimental design studio Caracara Collective.


The artist selected for our art residency will work with locally sourced waste material to create an installation to be presented at the festival. The available materials include metal, wood, plastic, fabric, and organic materials. The artist is responsible for sourcing the materials from the Kuusamo waste station. The final material will be assessed together with the selected artist for the residency. The artist has complete freedom in choosing the method of execution for the artwork. However, we emphasize a focus on sculpture in the call for artists.

The artwork should take into consideration the environment in which it will be installed: outdoors in a mountainous terrain where weather conditions can vary widely. The artist should also take into account the size of the area. Photos of the event area can be found here.

The artwork remains the property of the artist and they can decide the fate of the artwork after the event. If necessary, the festival will arrange transportation for the artwork out of Ruka and it must be removed from the festival area by June 26th.

More info and application form: https://www.kuusamo-ark.fi/en/separate-application-art-residency/

Photo: Eeva Mäkinen

The international innovation network of residencies for Northern Ostrobothnia, or the KRIPA project (2020-2023), consists of actors from three municipalities, Ii, Raahe and Kuusamo. The project is financed by ELY Centre / Rural Development Fund.

Kuusamo, a city of 15,000 inhabitants, is located on the border of Europe and Siberia and is one of the most important tourist destinations in Finland.

Tourists, artists and researchers have been attracted to the area by the diverse nature and wilderness since the end of the 19th century. Every year numerous nature photographers walk in the footsteps of Artist Akseli Gallen-Kallela and photographer I.K. Inha. Kuusamo has become one of the most popular tourist areas in Finland, where inspiration and the peace of the wilderness are sought. This story will be continued by the Kuusamo Arctic Residence Center, Kuusamo ARK, established in 2021.

The Arctic Residence Center works closely with tourism operators in the region. The purpose of the cooperation is to bring more public art to the area and employ creative industry operators to create a new kind of business and cooperation in the field of art and culture.
Kuusamo’s Arctic Residence Center is piloted by Jonna Kalliomäki, who is one of the implementers of the KRIPA project. Kalliomäki is a visual artist by training (college) and has a master’s degree in nature photography and applied art (TaM). That unique master’s education brought him to Kuusamo five years ago. The University of Lapland’s master’s studies in applied art and nature photography were organized in 2017-2019 in the premises of Kuusamo University, in the same premises where the headquarters of the Arctic Residency Center is now located and where Kalliomäki works.

Now, during the Kripa project, Kalliomäki applied to the two-year art specialist training in public art organized by the University of the Arts, with the aim of e.g. to deepen knowledge in the field of public art and to perceive entities and partnerships more broadly.

The aim of the specialization training is to train art experts in a wide range of fields for development tasks and projects in public art, construction and urban planning.

The training prepares precisely for the multiprofessional cooperation models and for producing art expert and consulting tasks, which is what Kuusamo ARK specializes in and what kind of art projects it produces for the region.

The training started in 2022 and 24 people working in public art were selected for it. The student body consists of a wide variety of public art actors, including architects, urban planners, art coordinators, museum directors, public art curators, and public art creators.

The training is organized as face-to-face teaching five times a year, and the two-day Face-to-face teaching sessions are held in Helsinki at the University of the Arts, Espoo at Aalto University and the University of Lapland in Rovaniemi.

All participants selected for the training work throughout the training on a public art development project related to their own field and write an article for the University of the Arts publication that will be published in January 2024.

The Kalliomäki’s special education development project is related to the KRIPA project and the operations of Kuusamo ARK. How will the high-quality operation in the area continue after the project and how can the operating models already created be used more widely. The goal is that Kuusamo ARK is not only a residence center but an art expert center that brings high-quality public art projects and new cooperation models to the area.

The development work in education is given expert guidance and is worked on in peer groups and in an open dialogue with other fellow students. The development projects will be presented at the end of the training in December 2023, and the publication will be available electronically in the University of the Arts’ publication archive from the beginning of 2024.

CROWD – international dance exchange
Call out for dance artists to apply for the 2023 dance residency
programme – applications now open.

CROWD – international dance exchange is a collaborative network of dance
organisations, together seeking to support dance makers who engage with
communities as part of their practice.

Through hosting residencies and opening up space for discussion and
knowledge development, the programme aims to support dance artists with
an established practice in community engaged dance making to build their
professional network, exchange experience with others in the field and
develop their practice.

The Goethe-Institut initiated the project in 2021 and in the first year,
CROWD supported 6 dance artists [https://crowd.dance/crowd-2021/]
through residencies hosted with partners across Finland, the
Netherlands, North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) in Germany and the UK. The
network has since grown to include more partners and artists and in
2022, CROWD supported 10 new artists [https://crowd.dance/2022-artists/]
through a programme of residencies across Finland, Denmark, Germany,
Iceland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway and the UK.

This year, ten selected dance artists (one from each host country and
two from England and two from NRW in Germany) will exchange and
collaborate with the support of the network partner organisations.
Working in pairs, selected dance makers will come together twice, each
time for a two-week, focused residency in a new context. Alongside the
residencies, between June and October, the entire network will engage in
digital, discursive sessions exploring community engagement in dance.

Applications for the 2023 programme are now open and dance artists with
a demonstrable practice in community engagement are encouraged to apply.
The CROWD network is committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive
community and we encourage applications from those from
under-represented backgrounds. We have bursaries and support in place to
accommodate applicants with additional access needs or caring

The application deadline is 10am (GMT), Monday 20 March 2023. Further
information on how to apply can be found at https://crowd.dance/.

Alternatively, you can watch our information film featuring CROWD 2022 Dance
Artist, Elsabet Yonas, which covers the key elements of the call-out.

How can an artist grow and succeed as an entrepreneur? How can artist residencies employ artists? Which form of business suits the artist best and where do the artist’s gain their income? Among other things, these issues were discussed at the Northern AiR seminar in Oulu on November 23. Check it out below.

Discussing pairs:
Pekka Krook and Heikki Tunkkari
Pirjo Yli-Maunula and Sade Kahra
Paavo Heinonen and Gonçalo Rodrigues Marques (In english)

The Kripa project/Northern AiR residency network will organize a seminar on November 23, where three top-notch expert pairs will discuss the business perspectives of residencies and artists. It is often more rewarding for listeners to hear open and interactive dialogues rather than to listen to PowerPoint reading excercises. The invited guest speakers: 

– creative sector expert and sparring partner Pekka Krook and Petri Sirviö, BusinessOulu’s creative sector account manager
– Flow Productions artistic director Pirjo Yli-Maunula and Sade Kahra, art multi-professional.
– editor-in-chief of the cultural magazine Kaltio, Paavo Heinonen and Gonçalo Rodrigues Marques, Northern Sustainable Futures, Moskosel, Sweden.

In connection with the event, we will organize a Northern AiR pilot market, with opportunities to apply and come up with ideas for pilot projects related to residency activities for the beginning of 2023. Further information:

Northern AiR pilot info 

Place: Oulu, Voimala 1889, Kasarmintie 1.
Time: 23.11.2022 at 10:00-15:00.

Registration (open until November 15) and preliminary program:


The event will be recorded and available afterwards for a period of two weeks at www.northernair.fi/en

After that period, a summary of the event will remain on the site.

Kuusamon Arktinen Residenssikeskus ja kansainvälinen matkailu- ja kulttuurikeskus Karhuntassu hakevat residenssitaiteilijaa  suunnittelemaan valoinstallaatiota uuteen Karhuntassu-keskukseen. Erillishaku avoinna 9.9. saakka:


New Yorkista kotoisin olevan David Popa saapuu syyskuussa Kuusamo ARKIN residenssitaiteilijaksi ja toteuttaa residenssijakson aikana teoksen Rukalle.

Popa kiinnostui kuvataiteista taiteilijaisänsä Albert Popan kautta, joka oli yksi ensimmäisistä graffitien kirjoittajista New Yorkissa. David opiskeli perinteistä maalausta jo nuorella iällä isänsä kanssa, mutta ateljeen ulkopuolella koettavat seikkailut vetivät hänet kokopäiväisesti taiteen pariin. Kiinnostus katutaiteeseen ja nykymuralismiin on edelleen Popan taiteellisen työskentelyn katalysaattori. Popa käyttää luonnonveteen sekoitettuja luonnollisia pigmenttejä luodakseen paikkaan sidottuja, hetkellisiä maa-teoksia, jotka tallennetaan dronen avulla. Popa maalaa suurikokoisia teoksia pääasiassa Pohjoismaiden saarille ja luodoille. Teokset dokumentoidaan ja esitetään eri muodoissa: valokuvina, lyhytelokuvina ja viime aikoina myös NFT-teoksina

David Popan luento Kuusamo Nature Photo -festivaaleilla sunnuntaina 11.9. klo 13-14. Liput

Luennon jälkeen mahdollisuus osallistua David Popan pitämään työpajaan, jossa pääset itse tekemään luonnonpigmenttejä ja opettelemaan Popan käyttämää maalaustekniikkaa. Ilmoittaudu työpajaan: jonna.kalliomaki@kuusamo.fi

Kuusamo ARKin residenssiin saapuu syyskuussa myös italialaisia luontotaiteilijoita, jotka pitävät kaikille vapaan ja maksuttoman Luontotaide -työpaja 12.-13.9.2022. Työpajan ohjaajat Fabrizio Carbone, Marco Preziosi, Alessandra Cecca ja Alessandro Troisi työskentelevät mukana ja tarvittaessa auttavat työskentelyssä.

Työpaja on maksuton. Osallistujat työskentelevät omilla välineillä ja materiaaleilla. Järjestäjät varaavat lisäksi materiaaleja käyttöön, henkilökohtaisesta materiaalista voidaan periä omakustannushinta.

Ilmoittautuminen sähköpostitse 6.9. mennessä. os. kari.kantola@kuusamo.fi.

Northern AiR järjestää yhteistyössä Oulu2026 TechArt -hankkeen kanssa Hybridize My Festival/Residence? -tapahtuman (Oulu Lapland Hotel) 22.4.2022 klo 10.00–15.00. Kansainvälisessä ajankohtaisseminaarissa eurooppalaiset asiantuntijat esittelevät sitä, mitä siirtyminen hybriditapahtumiin on muuttanut festivaalien, residenssien ja kulttuurikentän työtä ja miten tästä eteenpäin. Mitkä digitaaliset tapahtumat ja etäratkaisut toimivat, mitkä eivät?

Ilmoittautuminen (avoinna 13.4. saakka) ja alustava ohjelma:



The Northern AiR residency 101 seminar was held March 26.
All material and recordings below are in Finnish.

10.00 Presentation of the Kripa project and the Northern Air network. Kai Latvalehto.
10.15  Awareness short film and greetings. Arttu Nieminen.
10.25 Part 2, residency activities 101:
Panel discussion with Pauliina Leikas, Jetta Huttunen and Riikka Suomi-Chande. Moderated by Kai Latvalehto.
Riitta Heinämaa presented her report on Finnish residencies, Suomalainen residenssitoiminta tänään.
13.00 Mural artist Tony Sjöman, New York.
13.10 Part 3: economical issues in residencies 102. Moderated by Sanna Roukala. Pauliina Leikas, Jetta Huttunen, Kaisa Kerätär ja Riikka Suomi-Chande.
14.40 Rastas & Länsimetro-tytöt. Live music.

The Northern AiR seminar was streamed live from Oulu Space Studio.

The participants were Pauliina Leikas representing the Mustarinda residency, Riikka Suomi-Chande from the Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation, Jetta Huttunen from Ii KulttuuriKauppila, Sanna Roukala from Hailuoto Kulttuuritalo Päiväkoti, Northern AiR/Kripa project manager Kai Latvalehto, producer and creative arts agent Kaisa Kerätär and Riitta Heinämaa.

Kai Latvalehto
+358 40 5853717 / kai.latvalehto@ii.fi
Art Centre KulttuuriKauppila /
Kauppilantie 15, 91100 Ii, Finland

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