Kuusamo Residence Centre ARK, Kuusamo

Kuusamo College was founded in 1909 and the doors will be opened to artists in residence in 2021. The Kuusamo residence centre ARK is located in the premises of Kuusamo College in central Kuusamo. The campus area offers workspaces to various creative artists, nature photographers as well as researchers.

The spaces and equipment are versatile, enabling professional artistic work in wood sculpture, theatre, music, video art and photography.

The residency guests are lodged in the old headmaster’s quarters, in Arvola. Shared spaces include the kitchen, the sauna and also the possibility to use a wilderness cabin.

Kuusamo is the nature capital of Finland, surrounded by four national parks and one of the main objectives of ARK, as a part of the Kripa-project, is to cooperate with the local nature and tourism services.

For the open call to the residency, check the website!

Further information:
Project coordinator
Jonna Kalliomäki