JoJo, Oulu Dance Centre, Oulu

A production residence, accommodation in central Oulu for artists participating in Jojo’s productions during the rehearsals and performances.


Warjakka Artist Residency, Oulu

Each year in July/August, TaikaBox runs a two-week Warjakka Artist
Residency. Three artists – one from Finland and two from overseas, from
different art backgrounds are selected to take part. The residency is
organised in a small village called Varjakka in Oulunsalo in the bay of
Kempele. It is located 18km SouthWest of Oulu.

The aim of the residency is to develop process-led interdisciplinary
collaboration between the artists through site-specific work. The
residency benefits from the rich local cultural heritage, the empty
buildings of the old Warjakka sawmill on Varjakka island and the natural
beauty of the area. The residency is part of a larger cultural
development taking place in the area, which also includes Warjakka
Virtual Gallery housed by Warjakka Gardens alongside the road to
Varjakka harbour. Artists in the residency have the possibility of
utilising the virtual gallery in their work or have potential to work
remotely and show their work in the virtual gallery.

The aim of the residency is also to create dialogue between the local
community and the visiting artists. Artists are required to contribute
to the vibrancy of the cultural activity in the area by providing the
public with ways in to their creative process. This could include
meet-the-artist events, workshops or other ways of connecting with the

Artists are selected for the residency through an open call in Spring.
TaikaBox pays the artists’ fees, accommodation, travel and per diems.
Artists are housed as part of the local community and therefore
accommodation can vary each year depending on the availability of the
accommodation and the artists’ needs.




AiR Oulu, Oulu

Oulu-AiR is an artist-in-residence programme run by Kulttuuribingo Ry. The purpose of the residency is to enrich Oulu’s art and cultural scene by welcoming artists and creative individuals to produce new work whilst living and working in the city.

In 2021 Oulu-AiR is offering residents free accommodation and a studio space for a period of 1 – 4 weeks, providing them with time and space to concentrate on their work. The artist is responsible for their travel, living and production expenses. The residency will end with an open studio that is open to the public. The artist is requested to document the process on the Oulu-AIR website.


Sweden-Finnish Cultural Embassy/2nd Generation Cultural Embassy, Oulu

The SWEDEN-FINNISH CULTURAL EMBASSY  was founded in 2019 for providing residency visits and promoting cultural and personal connections for people with a Sweden-Finnish background (ie roots/heritage from Finland, raised/living in Sweden).

As the city of Oulu is going to be the cultural capital of Europe in 2026, the spectre and scope of the activities will expand. The 2nd Generation Cultural Embassy (2ndG C.E.) will provide residencies and collect experiences from second-generation individuals from all across Europe.

DURATION:  1 week – 2 weeks.
All individuals within cultural and art fields with a Sweden-Finnish connection can apply
COSTS No residential or work room rent.

EXPECTATIONS TOWARDS THE ARTIST: Travel and living expenses during the residency. Travel and health insurance. Participating in one public event, such as an artist talk, concert, exhibition etc.

Continuous application:


Oulu Comics Center/Oulu Writers Association, Oulu

Oulu Comics Center aims to organize a comics residency in the Oulu Region (Finland) together with Liminka School of Arts and in the Reykjavik (Iceland) every year.

In co-operation with Oulu Writers Association, writers and cartoonista from northern Finland can apply for two residencies at the SÍM-residency in Reykjavik, Iceland for October 2022.

The selected artists are granted 400 euros for daily expenses and travel costs are covered up to 500 euros. No rents charged. One residency spot reserved for writers and one for cartoonists, respectively. Applications via homepage, the decisions will be made in June 2022.

Further information about the Seljavegur residency: