Sweden-Finnish Cultural Embassy/2nd Generation Cultural Embassy

The SWEDEN-FINNISH CULTURAL EMBASSY  was founded in 2019 for providing residency visits and promoting cultural and personal connections for people with a Sweden-Finnish background (ie roots/heritage from Finland, raised/living in Sweden).

As the city of Oulu is going to be the cultural capital of Europe in 2026, the spectre and scope of the activities will expand. The 2nd Generation Cultural Embassy (2ndG C.E.) will provide residencies and collect experiences from second-generation individuals from all across Europe.

DURATION:  1 week – 2 weeks.
All individuals within cultural and art fields with a Sweden-Finnish connection can apply
COSTS No residential or work room rent.

EXPECTATIONS TOWARDS THE ARTIST: Travel and living expenses during the residency. Travel and health insurance. Participating in one public event, such as an artist talk, concert, exhibition etc.

Continuous application: ambassaden.fi
Homepage: ambassaden.fi

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