Photo: Lölä Vlasenko

As the planet approaches an ecological crisis point, we are trying to develop new ways of thinking and working that have a minimal carbon footprint. TaikaBox in Varjakka has tackled the subject and is on a journey to become more sustainable.

Since the global pandemic lockdown TaikaBox accelerated their development of sustainable models and have set the ball rolling to become a more sustainable organisation. In 2022, with support from the Northern AiR Network TaikaBox worked with Sanna Taskila, a carbon-neutrality specialist from Macon, to map out their carbon footprint. TaikaBox made a stand against air travel and embraced slow travel, making journeys to international projects by train and ferry, and all of the funding applications that they write for new projects take this into consideration.

In 2023 Tanja Råman wrote a rough guide to carbon footprints – targeted to cultural organisations – particularly the residency providers of the Northern AiR network. You can find the full article and guide here:

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