Timo Vaittinen

Timo Vaittinen is a visual artist from Helsinki who uses different techniques and materials in his work. In recent years his works have been exhibited in Porvoo Triennale, Turku Art Museum and Riga Bourse Museum of Contemporary Art. 
Vaittinen was selected for the Kuusamo residency through an open application for a collaboration project with the Solstice 2022 festival during his month-long residency period. His work was made of recycled materials and it was constructed on the top of the fell Rukatunturi. 
In addition to the collaborative project, Vaittinen also had time to work on his own projects during his residency period. In Ruka, Vaittinen  liked to take walks in nature and he says that during the month he was able to break away from everyday life. 

Timo Vaittinen


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