Zeynep Kaynar

Zeynep Kaynar is a Turkish visual artist based in Tampere, Finland. Her multidisciplinary artistic production focuses on themes of human & urban and human & nature relationships in the form of photography, painting, drawings, and installations. 

Kaynar has graduated from Sabanci University with a MA in Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design. In 2020 she moved to Tampere to study lifelong learning and education at the Faculty of Education and Culture at Tampere University.  

Kaynar found the residency visit calming and she finds Finland to be a particularly peaceful country. During the visit, Kaynar had a lot of time to think about her future works and she also got to talk with other artists who visited the residency. Kaynar held an exhibition during the residency period where she got to talk with people and get feedback on her work.

Zeynep Kaynar




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