Brahe Art Space, Raahe

As a part of the Kripa-project, an international artist residency is established in Raahe. BaS AiR is designed to become an international meeting point for multidisciplinary art. The objective is to  facilitate meetings between artists from various fields. The residency of Brahe Art Space will be able to house five artists at a time. The residency will also be suitable for workgroups and ensembles. The artists will be able to focus on their artistic processes or, according to their work plan, interact and create local art in cooperation with the local community.

BaS AiR is located in peaceful surroundings of the premises of the historical teacher training college, in close proximity to the town centre of Raahe. The building has been unoccupied for ages and the residency will breathe new life into the premises of former headmistresses. The residency is a wooden two-storey building constructed in the early 20th century. The living quarters and the workspaces are in the same building.

The first step towards opening up the residency is to conduct a property condition assessment and a conditioning plan. The condition assessment is due during the summer of 2021 as the first step towards a functioning residency.